WATCH: How does the fan work on my Armor series PSU?

The Professional Series Gold Armor series PSUs have thermally controlled fan which will vary the fan speed depending on both the loading and temperature of the PSU. Check out the video below for a specific explanation: Link

WATCH: How do I connect the 24-pin connector on my Armor Series PSU?

The 24-pin ATX connector for the Armor series PSUs have a split connector that plugs into the Armor series PSU. The single 24-pin connector is the end that will connect directly to your motherboard.

How long are the cables on my SAMA PSU?

You can find the cable lengths of SAMA PSUs in its product page

BIOS or software detects voltage readings for one of the rails on my PSU being too high/low, is there something wrong?

BIOS and software readings are never 100% accurate and they can fluctuate. The only way to measure the rails accurately would be to use a digital multi-meter. ATX spec also indicates that as long as the voltage stays within 5% of the rating for the rail then the PSU is within spec. For instance on the 12v rail this would equate to 11.4v-12.6v.

Why doesn’t my power supply start up when I plug it into the wall and flip the switch?

In order to start up, the power supply requires two things. A load (a device connected to it requiring power) and a signal. The switch on the back of the PSU simply tells the power supply to go into standby mode and await a signal from the motherboard to actually turn on.

My Machine doesn’t start up when I hit the power button, is the PSU faulty?

Disconnect everything from your PSU except for one single fan that should be connected directly to one of the Molex connectors. Then, get a small piece of wire, paper clip, or suitable object and short the green pin and a black pin on the 24-pin connector on the power supply. The voltage present is a very low signaling voltage so no worries of being shocked. Your PSUs fan should spin along with the fan you have connected to it. If this is the case, your PSU may not be receiving the power on signal from your motherboard and you should consider other causes of the problem you?re having.

How can I get replacement cables for my modular SAMA PSU?

Please contact SAMA Customer Portal, and let us know which PSU you have and which cables you need.

WATCH: Where is the 4-pin EPS/ATX 12v connector that I need for my motherboard?

Our power supplies ship with an 8-pin connector that splits in half. Use half of this connector for the 4-pin EPS/ATX 12v connector on your motherboard

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