Diamond 1000W Black

  • 1.80+ Gold certified, deliver up to 92% efficiency and reduce operating cost.DC to DC Circuit Design, Runs cooler and uses less power than less efficient power supplies.
  • 2.Full modular cable design allow you to remove unneeded cables for maximum airflow and improving the thermal performance of the chassis.
  • 3.Resonant LLC topology with DC-to-DC conversion provides clean, consistent power, reduces coil whine for quieter operation, and enables use of more energy efficient sleep states.
  • 4.100% Industrial-grade, 105°C rated Japanese capacitors ensure unwavering power and reliability.
  • 5.Supports Modern Standby sleep mode for extremely fast wake-from-sleep times and better low-load efficiency.
  • 6.Full Voltage Power Supply 100 – 2