SF410 Black

  • 1.High Airflow Computer Case Fan, 3 color fixed led lighting.
  • 2Filter capacitor: make the fan power supply stable, reduce the fan’s interference to the motherboard
  • 3Silent Cooling Technology: MAX air volume: 28.76 CFM. MAX fan noise: 20.9 dB. Provide a quieter and longer lifespan cooling solution .
  • 4PWM automatic temperature control: 4pin PWM interface, mainboard automatic speed regulation, fan speed 1200RPM±10%, minimizing noise or maximizing airflow.
  • 5Silicone anti-vibration gaskets: reduce resonance noise, reduce fan vibration, and enhance installation stability.
  • 6.Compatibility:Good compatibility, not only can the chassis be used, but also can be compatible with CPU Liquid Cooler, providing strong thermal protection for the chassis and CPU.